What would you give to be able to get anyone to do whatever you wanted them to do? How different would your life be if you knew the secret for getting your boss, your co-workers, your employees, your children and your spouse to help you with anything you need? What if you knew how to make your customers buy more and not quarrel about the price? Harnessing the power of the U Perspective will make all that and more possible.

Lee E. Miller,the author of the critically acclaimed Woman’s Guide to Successful Negotiating (McGraw Hill) and Get More Money on Your Next Job (McGraw Hill), along with Barbara Jackson, the former Director of the Office of Management and Budget for the State of Massachusetts, shows readers how to get others to want to help them.

The most successful people, the ones that organizations turn to time and time again, exert a special type of influence—the U Perspective. Their secret is to uncover and address what others want, which enables them to build lasting agreements that always achieve their goals. Getting what you want, in every aspect of your life, requires knowing how to gain the cooperation and support of others.

Lee E. Miller’s unique 3Cs- Convince, Collaborate and Create- Approach to Influencing will enable you motivate people to want to help you. Together with Barbara Jackson. Lee will teach you how to harness the power of the U Perspective. Whether you are seeking additional resources from your from your boss, better results from your employees, additional sales from your customers or lower prices from your suppliers, Lee and Barbara will show you how.

What people are saying…

“The U Perspective and the 3 Cs Influencing Method provide a playbook for success. Everyone can benefit from this book.”
Paul Tagliabue, Former Commissioner, National Football League

“An invaluable resource. Lots of practical advice about winning people over. This book challenges conventional wisdom on how to gain influence and power.”
Tom Shull, Chairman and CEO, Wise Foods, Inc.

“This is a MUST read–every page is filled with wisdom and actionable ideas.”
Andrea Nierenberg, Author, Million Dollar Networking

“As a coach, my job is to help sailors learn how to use their past experiences to make excellent split second decisions so that they can make the leap from great to gold. This book tells you how to do the same in any business.”
Skip Whyte, United States Olympic Sailing Coach

“The key to success in business is your ability to influence others. This book provides a unique approach that will help you get what you want in any situation.”
Harold Bosworth, Chief Merchandising Officer, Talbots