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A Woman's Guide to Successful Negotiating
This is a different type of “how to” book on negotiating...
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“There are times when you find yourself faced with an extremely difficult work situation where any wrong move might jeopardize your future or you just want to step up your game.  Lee Miller helps you come up with a blueprint to achieve your goals in ways you would not have thought of without his coaching.  He is truly a master at listening to your specific situation and helping you find the perfect solution.”
 – Dr. David Baker, Professor & Director of Research, Stony Brook University Medical Center

“Lee is the country’s number one negotiating coach!”
 – Bonnie St. John, Olympic Medalist and host of the Live Your Joy radio show

“Lee E. Miller is becoming a high priest of the give and take art, via books, consulting, corporate training, and live appearances.”
 – HR Innovator Magazine

“Lee Miller’s 3Cs influencing & negotiating training and executive coaching is based on an extremely pragmatic and useful methodology that is applicable in all aspects of life – both inside and outside of the office. Lee helps training participants and coaching clients learn to apply critical influencing techniques which are paramount in any profession. Very applicable, relevant, effective and timely.”
 – Stephanie Franklin, Vice President, Human Resources Business Partners at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

“Lee is unquestionably one of the best trainer’s I have ever worked with, in part because he didn’t start out as one. His uniquely interactive style engages the group as a whole yet reaches each participant individually. Participants leave his programs with practical skills tailored to their own personality. While Lee’s credentials are impressive — what is truly impressive is how “down to earth” and approachable he is as a coach, mentor and trainer. He makes the subject matter come to life. Lee is a true professional, and a rare individual.”
 – Lori Josephs, former Vice President Learning & Development, Grey Advertising